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basically, scorpio shows your weakness and where you fear of being the most vulnerable which is why you want to have full control of that area of your life. these people should pay attention to the type of partners they attract or subconsciously seek as this can give them hints about their past life. AQUARIUS NEPTUNE people are so awkward in front of the camera wth stop with the peace signs and thumbs up (ofc it depends on the house and aspects). It can also mean being attracted to workaholics and individuals that seem put together. the name 'aquarius literally made almost everyone think it was a water sign. these people are the trendsetters, the pioneers, the influencers you see online, the Pinterest girls. these people were most likely activists or inventors in their past life, or anyone who was seen as weird and didnt fit in with society. I have Uranus in 11th house and my intuition comes super fast, even before I even think of a question. It can also mean having a dream-like relationship with them, the type people fantasize and read about. /j. For those interested in learning more about this powerful tool for self-discovery and growth, Astrology Observations: Unlocking the Secrets of the Stars for a Better Understanding of Yourself and the World offers readers a comprehensive overview of how astrology can be used as an aid to gaining greater clarity on many of lifes issues. they also show others that you need to defend yourself and step into your power, you cant let people walk all over you. the way they resolve conflict is applaudable, it takes courage to step into a problem and try solving it. they could also like to wear necklaces that have tridents on them or even necklaces related to spirituality like crystal necklaces or necklaces of astrological symbols. If someone else's Venus makes a square to your Ascendant, this does not always mean they don't find you attractive! mnemosyne (57), goddess of memory (past, present and future), inspiration and language. they should also pay attention to their body as it tells them about their past life. I think its funny how SCORPIO is the 8th sign of the wheel and the number 8 looks like the infinity sign. what observations did you make? BONUS (10028) can tell you what you feel like you always have more of but if its negatively aspected, it can mean the opposite. Thank you, are based on my own experience with these placements. BLESS (92891) can tell you *wait for it* where youre blessed and what youre blessed with. they show that communication is important and so are connections with other people because the more you speak with other people, the more knowledge you get. 6th house - you may worry a lot about your health. lovveclub. venus in virgo or 6th house in groom/briede/persona chart or even natal chart can mean that your spouse could be from work or you will work with your spouse or collaborate with them at one point. because of that, in this lifetime, these individuals may be naturally talented with money managing, saving money or counting money or anything to do with finance. PLUTO PERSONA CHART can tell you the stages of your death. 6TH HOUSE RULER IN 4TH/5TH/11TH HOUSE may want to rescue animals or have rescued animals at one point. ex: moon in gemini or 3rd house = soft hands. they dont let people in. they have a talent in healing themselves and others and they most likely have a great work ethic and theyre also spiritual. my mum has aquarius mars and she wakes up with 4 new bruises. rhoemantically. Astrology Zone. NORTH NODE IN 12TH HOUSE (with psychic indicators in their chart) people usually have a lot of talents that they arent aware of/ havent discovered and tend to reach their highest potential by growing spiritually. The edited version of The Only Astronomy Book Youll Ever Need, written by Joanna Martine Woolfolk, includes new information on the celestial sphere and brand-new discoveries. my mars is Sagittarius in 8th house and this is my bucket list: me when I realised that when I say no one could love them like I do isnt because of my Scorpio moon but because I have a personality disorder, Random question. they could be naturally good at drawing, painting, singing, any kind of sports, etc because of their past life. Virgo is associated with Persephone and Scorpio is associated with Hades, Libra is the sign in-between both of those signs and is associated with Hera, the Goddess of marriage, so Libra connected those two signs. astrology astrology observations astro notes hillarysss gemini aquarius virgo. Interestingly, mnemosyne (57) in southnode persona chart can tell you what you remember from your past life/ what you took with you to this life. wherever it is in your chart, it shows what you want to dominate. this really makes sense for many reasons but I will only name one. By reflecting on our past observations, we can adjust our understanding of ourselves, others, and the world around us. Source for information on Astrology and Astronomy in the Ancient World: Science and Its Times: Understanding the Social Significance of Scientific Discovery dictionary. Reflection and Refinement:Making Adjustments is a must-read article for anyone wishing to unlock the secrets of astrology. 2nd house Pluto natives also like wearing black. theyre most likely interested in art or feel very drawn/connected to it and had no idea why. ex: in libra 9th house = you may meet them in foreign lands or in college/a place of learning, you will find them attractive. fear of letting people see their emotional side or their baggage. In their past life, they may have been a child or they were around children a lot so they may feel unexplainably drawn to children this lifetime. he was the messenger of the gods. the way people treat them and how they are to them tells them a lot about who they were as a person in their past life and what they went through. These are observations I've made over time. this may not be fun to hear but their family/ancestors may have a lot of karmic debts or maybe they have chosen to have the same family as they did in their past life to resolve familial problems (if you have any). this placement/aspect is common in attractive people that may have impacted other peoples lives in a way. Im pretty new to astrology (caught my attention at the beginning of this year) and one of my favorite things to discuss about are astrology observations. ex: leo rising = you perhaps received a lot of attention and was very artistic and joyous in your early life. its also interesting that a lot of gemini moons and SCORPIO MOONS get along very well (Scorpio is associated with Hades, the god of the underworld). since 1st house also deals with birth and new beginnings and mnemosyne deals with past life memories, it makes this placement very interesting. the malefic signs (mars and saturn) of each element are considered the tops which are ARIES, SCORPIO, AQUARIUS, CAPRICORN. 7th house or venus in PLUTO PERSONA CHART tells you how you deal with breakups and what youre like after them. ex: aquarius = friends, people online/theories. That's it. Astrology observations I made pt 25. these people could experience times where theyre like oh I thought I already knew this?. : (scorpio) mars aspecting ascendant your spouse could have aries or scorpio (rulers of mars) as their ascendant or they could have mars in 1st house. the 5th house also deals with inner child so these individuals may have experienced similar childhood as they did in their past life or have a similar inner child. MNEMOSYNE IN CAPRICORN / 10TH HOUSE those with this placement are remembered for their ambitions, achievements, career and social status. I have aquarius mars and my legs especially calves are very toned, they look like Ive been working out (which I havent). soulmate-like relationship. they inspire people by having good fashion sense or a good eye for beauty and art, being the peacemaker, by showing that there is beauty everywhere and that you shouldnt be afraid of love and you should give love to people. While some are considered more outgoing or creative than others, each sign has its own unique character traits that can help us better understand ourselves and our relationships with those around us. everything these people touch and own, other people want. The article details how understanding astrology can help you know yourself better by examining the planets about yourself. Astrology is a practice that has been part of humanity for centuries. I have mine in 3rd house and my school life has been really crazy. this isn't a style analysis btw wherever SAGITTARIUS is in your chart, it tells you what you find funny and what makes you laugh. Additionally, it enables readers to better understand what influences their thoughts, feelings, and behavior in their relationships with others. They created sophisticated observations of the star patterns that formed much of the current zodiac calendar. self conscious. TONE (1266) can tell you how you come across as to people by how you speak. MNEMOSYNE IN PISCES / 12TH HOUSE those with this placement at remembered for their creative , psychic, sympathetic, gentle self. trust me, I hate that shit. most people with this placement are remembered for their s*x appeal, wealth and maybe even deaths. the skills you have taken from your past life or your early life. the 6th house also deals with pets, interestingly, these peoples pets could be their soulmates and they met them in their past life. Geminis archetype is the acrobat after all. please do not reword, copy, repost without asking. SCORPIO MOON IN 2ND OR 7TH HOUSE mothers usually spoil them a lot, too much maybe. when it comes to past life, these people most likely were famous, authority figures or the providers of their family. 3 <3. : in 1st house or aspecting your ascendant these people inspire others just for being themselves, for their looks, for their views of life. whatever house this asteroid is in, those house themes most likely impact you and your life in a way, most likely because of your past life. something like that. they could be running from a bear and still not scream. these people stand up for whats right and try hard to make everyone feel happy and equal possible, they inspire people because of this. yall dont even have a type. mars in MC PERSONA CHART can tell you your drive, why you work. Astrology observations I made pt 23. eg: person A has scorpio moon in 10th house & person B has libra moon in 6th house. for example, if they have respiratory problems, they might have breathed in a lot of dust or any kind of particles because of their work in their past life. they should also pay attention to what they want to get recognition for too. Astrology and Astronomy in the Ancient WorldOverviewThe first records of systematic astronomical or astrological observation and interpretation lie in the scattered remains of ancient Egyptian and Babylonian civilizations. memory was a fundamental gift for the ancient Greeks. other people most likely come to those with this placement for answers because they have a teacher aura. their mothers give them a lot of money and probably already bought land, cars, houses for them. Interestingly, in their past life, these people might have not experienced life because they were unwell so in this lifetime theyre given the chance to experience life and are gifted with psychic abilities to help them foresee their future. For thousands of years, astrology has been an integral part of many cultures and a way to make sense of the world and oneself. GEMINI MARS/MERCURY or GEMINI in 2ND/3RD/5TH HOUSE actually have many hobbies, they are very talented. also, GEMINI VENUS really like planes and birds. She seeks to unlock the secrets of the stars, which allows us to better understand our lives and the world around us. youre most likely experienced and used to the themes of the house your southnode is in. You are allowed to mourn when things don't turn out the way you wanted them to. in the houses ;) some of these are observations, some of these are guaranteed. astro observations. either they died or nearly killed someone or something else. Originally posted by flippinfins. However, most of the predictions made by astrology are extremely . mars is in 8th, it will most likely hurt or perhaps the pain/cause will be unnoticeable, it could also happen quite quick. As I mentioned before, synastry and predictive. or maybe in their past life, they couldnt speak their mind or they enraged many people by speaking so in this life they want to be outspoken as possible and to have freedom of speech. these peoples beauty impacts peoples lives. It is hard to hold eye contact with a FIXED DOMINANT especially if youre also not a fixed dominant. these people should pay attention to their hobbies and talents that theyre naturally good at as this can give them hints about their past life. Which persona charts (or any other Astro placements) highlights a persons strengths, weaknesses, personal development, and path to self improvement?? she was the one who knows everything, what was, what is, and what will be. 510.8K Followers. the sign your VENUS/MARS and maybe EROS is in can tell you about what clothes/accessories/things you find attractive on others and what you like to wear yourself (check degrees and house for other signs influencing your venus/mars/eros). SATURN IN 5TH HOUSE individuals that I know are so talented. she was known as the mother of the muses and had beautiful flowy hair. those with this placement are mostly remembered for their aesthetic (art, fashion), their marriage partners and their attractiveness. This is done by refining our methodology and improving our astrological knowledge base. The movement of the planets in the sky is thought to influence us on Earth, influencing our daily decisions and life journeys. Lilith 10H/Uranus 10H t end to refuse to fit into the society; inclination to protest against everything. astrology astrology observations astro notes gemini aquarius pisces virgo cancer capricorn libra aries leo sagittarius scorpio taurus astro tips astro thoughts spiritual memes vedic astrology sidereal astrology zodiacs reblog everyone asteroid astrology quotes synastry observations astro observations astro observation astronomy sexy af. similarly to the observation above, Ive noticed that GEMINI RISING or MARS are very fast runners, they could also be flexible. Its a womanizer/maneater placement (because Zeus was a womanizer and is connected to Sagittarius), they give off a player vibe and just ooze a lot of s*x appeal. moon in groom/briede/juno persona chart can tell you about, venus in virgo or 6th house in groom/briede/persona chart or even natal chart can mean that your. Almost all of the time these gestures are completely platonic, but other people sometimes get . Astro Observations . The twelve zodiac signs all possess unique qualities that make them distinct from one another. CAPRICORN / 10TH HOUSE PLACEMENTS no matter how patient or 'chill their rising or mars sign is, if you make them do something while theyre focused on something else or when theyre working, theyll literally get so annoyed with you. they inspire others by being in tune with their emotions and showing that it is okay to be vulnerable, by showing that having emotions is beautiful and you can turn it into art and create something out of it, by showing unconditional love and that everyone needs kindness and forgiveness even if they themselves have been hurt many times, by being sacrificial. Please take this with a grain of salt, not all of these will resonate with you entirely. The Day Of Nimble Time. Astrology Observations: Unlocking the secrets of the stars for a better understanding of self and the world. Since the dawn of civilization, the sun and the moon have been essential elements in our understanding and interpretation of the world. wherever you have 18 DEGREES IN YOUR CHART, it tells you where you may be seen as evil. Disclaimer: I am not a professional astrologer, this post is based off my own observations, experiences and research. Astrology is a practice that has been part of humanity for centuries. 4. most people with this placement are remembered for their words as they most likely say interesting things and give good advice. I have pluto in 2nd house, when I was a kid I was very stubborn (still am lol) and was very greedy and gluttonous. Women with 7H Mars tends to be attracted to "bad boys", macho like men. other people see these people as sweethearts, very kindhearted people who care about others. southnode can show you your skills, the skills you have taken from your past life or your early life. Oftentimes, their honesty is what gets them into trouble rather than the things they keep hidden. MNEMOSYNE IN LEO / 5TH HOUSE those with this placement are remembered for their generous, fearless, artistic, childlike and creative self and perhaps even their love affairs. It can also mean having a dream-like relationship with them, the type people fantasize and read about. memory doesnt only mean to remember but also to foresee the future. the sign your VENUS/MARS and maybe EROS is in can tell you about what clothes/accessories/things you find attractive on others and what you like to wear yourself (check degrees and house for other signs influencing your venus/mars/eros). an example of this is @mystiicwinter, the little symbols she adds in her posts and also the gifs? theres just something about them that makes you look away even if you are the type to look in peoples eyes. wanna know why SCORPIO PLACEMENTS are mysterious? For several millennia, the desire to improve astrological predictions was one of the main motivations for astronomical observations and theories. you usually act more like the sign after your RISING SIGN in your 30s. they say anything and people find ways to twist their words and make it sexual or they just unintentionally say sexual things. for example, if they have weak hands they may have fought a lot in their past life or they worked in labour. because of that, they came in this lifetime with the purpose of bringing change to society which is why they are passionate about world causes and equality. whatever planet aspects (usually mostly trine and opposition) the ascendant in groom/briede/juno persona chart, it can tell you your spouses rising sign. 1st house - you find peoples facial expressions funny, you most likely find yourself funny too. Astrology observations <3 #yoursign #fyp #ily #zodiacsigns #astrology #horoscope #zodiac #astrologyobservations. maybe self depreciating jokes. their talents are heightened in this placement, they birth new ideas and inspire people by their creative expression, they most likely inspire people to create art or do something artistic. for example, if they were unexplainably way too interested in planes when they were younger, they couldve been a pilot or fixed planes in their past life. I have sagittarius rising where mars and pluto sits, my alter ego is dat bitch that is intelligent and knows how to fight and is also seductive. these people could attract a lot of the same soulmates as they did in their past life, perhaps to solve some unresolved karma or issues (so karmic soulmates). they could be careful with what they spend their money on. The Secret Language of Astrology adheres to the mystery of stars through both history and tried-and-true techniques. Give full credits if reposted - Karolina. these observations are based on my own experience with these placements. With this information, we will unlock new opportunities and pave the way to a more fruitful future. in their past life, they were most likely psychics so its no surprise that these individuals naturally know about spirituality and have strong intuition. because of how wild you are, you may appear reckless to people in that area. where aquarius/uranus/11th house is in in your VENUS PERSONA CHART tells you what kind of videogames/online games you like to play. theyre the type to get their catchphrases copied or have their quotes shared, when people say someone once told me.. these people are that someone. The book covers astrological signs and their traits. If not flexible physically then theyre flexible mentally. Take what resonates and leave what doesn't. -saturn in the 1st or 6th house aspected with the moon (especially conjunction . They also believed that events on Earth corresponded to changes in celestial bodies such as stars or planets, including the sun and moon. It takes a lot for you to let people in that area of your life because once they do, you feel like they have full control of you. 8TH HOUSE VENUS/VENUS-PLUTO/PLUTO IN 7TH OR 8TH HOUSE can be very clingy with their partners. its the opposite of 5th house, its what you do without the hopes of getting attention. because of that, these individuals are very cautious of letting people get close to them and are very secretive as a way of protecting themselves, they find it hard to trust people. MARS-ASC look so attractive when they sweat especially after playing sports, exercising or any physical activity is that weird? they should pay attention to their birthmarks if they have any (search about birthmarks and past lives). these people inspire others by showing their emotions, giving love to everything, being kind and welcoming, showing that it is okay to not be okay, showing that family is important and that you should be there for vulnerable people. Megan Fox has it in her 1st house and shes obviously blessed with good looks since birth. leo in 8th house = not receiving recognition or attention, children being hurt or mistreated, people not having a childhood. : (libra) mercury aspecting ascendant your spouse could have gemini or virgo ascendant (rulers of mercury), libra (the sign of the mercury) as their ascendant or they could have mercury in 1st house. that is because Neptune is associated with Aphrodite, who was a 'chameleon due to her ability to change her appearance to be other peoples (as individuals) personal epitome of beauty. whatever CHILD (4580) is in / touches, it can tell you where you are most child-like or most innocent and sweet.

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