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link to Are Kick Scooters Good For Long Distance? Pennsylvania has legislation in development concerning e-scooters and micromobility. Montana does not allow electric scooters and skateboards to ride on the sidewalks. It states that any roller skates, coaster, or toy vehicles should stay on sidewalks. Does the Law Consider the Electric Skateboard a Vehicle? One caveat is that electric scooters list a unique identification using letters and numbers. So, the million-dollar question is, are electric skateboards legal in Illinois?. With more than 300 days of sunshine per year (more than Hawaii does), outdoor activities are part of the Centennial State's lifestyle. They have the full rights applicable to a pedestrian. Indeed, the legal status of e skateboards mostly depends on several factors. The law requires e skateboards to meet the same safety standards and regulations as bicycles. Figuring out the rules is not only to our benefit but also to those who dont know about this product but come across it. We cover every aspect of buying an electric skateboard so that the user can make an informed decision. By obeying all the set laws, you can ride safely while promoting the safety of pedestrians. What are the restrictions on Motor power or throttle in Illinois? Riders should follow rules of the road, go slow, and wear a helmet. Interestingly, Texas laws dont prohibit this. This can include skateboarding on public sidewalks, streets, and parks in states like New York, Alabama, and Florida. As to specific questions, you may feel a little weird since the rules in Michigan are kind of different from the former two states. I would say that an electric skateboard fits this description is would be hard to argue against it. You can, however, cross a street at an intersection with a higher speed limit as long as you dont go down the street. What are the local laws in your area, and how far-reaching are they? E skateboards arent propelled entirely by human power. Illinois has passed certain rules and regulations about electric scooters which have not been acted upon yet. Interestingly, many e skateboard enthusiasts have noticed that law enforcers don't apply the regulations strictly. But at the same time, they are inseparable from other electric transportation tools. electric skateboard laws illinois. Please use common sense, and always check your local laws and ordinances to ensure you comply or call the officials if necessary. No person shall operate a motorized scooter, motorized skateboard, or other similar motorized vehicles on any City-owned or controlled public way, sidewalk, park, playground, recreational areawithout permission. How to Shop For the Best Electric Scooter with a Seat, Laws on Electric Skateboards in the US and Elsewhere. There are no Federal laws that either allow or limit the use of eboards. The nearest definition lumps them in with motorized personal mobility devices. What are electric skateboard laws? Motor Vehicles, Subtitle . Typically, no laws are regulating the use of electric skateboards in Florida. It isnt a legal requirement, but you are still advised to wear one. In Illinois and Indiana, the use of electric skateboards is prohibited on public roads and sidewalks. However, the rules governing e skateboard use are still a little confusing. Your email address will not be published. I have also made a special mention for two big states where eskating is surprisingly illegal. While common sense is a broad term, you are expected to apply it when riding. Currently, the Illinois Vehicle Code provides some guidance regarding e-bikes. Do you live in Texas? Anyone 18 years old or below should wear a helmet and eye protection. Coming down to the state level, the vast majority of states have not made an effort to cater for electric skateboards so well need to assume they will lean on the Federal Laws and consider them technically illegal. B-restriction limits motor-driven cycle use for anyone 14 years old or above. For electric skateboards, there are no clearly defined laws on the state level. In doing so, they should use the road and follow common road traffic rules. A person riding on the road shall yield the rule of right-of-way to any pedestrian and shall give an audible signal before overtaking and passing any pedestrian. Electric scooters, e-bikes, and mopeds are under the category of motor-driven cycles. Under local DMV laws, users would need a motorcycle license with a B-restriction. Required fields are marked *. The situation in Europe is, however, changing quickly. The state encourages the use of helmets, and e-scooters should park in bicycle parking areas. A person may operate a Class electric bicycle only if he or she is 16 years. Under state law, "motorized skateboards" are not allowed on public highways, roads, and streets under any circumstances. In 1835, the UK first introduced the Highway Act. featured article. There are no exact details about Floridas statutes on electric scooters and skateboards. There are specific requirements for motorized scooters, including: For electric skateboards, AB604 defines the limitations when using the micromobility vehicle. Some states and even local governments have taken it into their own hands to determine a ruling for eboards. Every city will have its ordinance for the matter. The law is similar to those of electric scooters and you can read a more comprehensive version here. Do not hesitate to contact us or comment our blog posts if you have any questions. Skateboard users are pedestrians by law and cannot use bike lanes. Bonjorno, Italy legalised electric skateboards. Luckily for electric skateboard riders, there are signs to help guide you. Illegal skateboarding refers to skateboarding in areas where it is not allowed by law. Also, you must be at least 16 and must wear your helmet. Before you start riding your electric skateboard in public, ensure you familiarize yourself with the law. Grey area. Exercising caution is the best course of action. The authorities in Texas have laws that regulate electric skateboards just as bicycles and mopeds are regulated. Thus, the law banning the use of motorized boards was first made in California in the 1970s. Michigan lists electric scooters in a singular provision under electric skateboards. On the roads or streets where the posted speed limit is 25mph or less. However, the law is rather vague as it doesn't exactly talk about electric skateboards. Note that all skateboard riders must yield the right of way to other pedestrians. And what makes things funny is that wiki indicates, They (personal transporters) are growing in popularity, and legislators are in the process of determining how these devices should be classified, regulated and accommodated during a period of rapid innovation. So, in the United States, the answer to the questions in the first paragraph is obvious, which is it depends. We find the paper of the city of Springfield, MA (Massachusetts), in the Article of Motorized scooters, indicating: Some players have questions like, can I ride an electric skateboard in Portland. All motorized foot scooters should have headlights and reflectors at night. Of course, the laws differ from country to country regarding how skateboards should be used. No worries, you have come to We are a team of high-tech afficionados with a background in electrical and mechanical engineering. In Finland, the law requires e skateboard riders to register the vehicles; it also requires them to insure the boards as light motorcycles (classified according to their speed). Individual cities pass their rules and ordinances regarding the details of any ban. In Iowa, there is a current bill that aims to define traffic laws specific to electric scooters. UK law defines electric bikes as having pedals- e skateboards have no pedals (this means they arent electric bikes). At least one hand shall be kept on the handlebars at all times. deep and 18 inch. Some places, like Cincinnati, outright bans e-skateboards. Its best to follow rules of the road or local ordinance if available. Moped laws require users to have a drivers license or a motorcycle permit. City rules vary wildly, from cities with outright bans to cities that allow micromobility devices. Most nations classify e skateboards as Light Electric Vehicles (just like bicycles and scooters). With that being said, collisions involving electric skateboards are possible. In Maryland, electric scooters are under the same definition as a bicycle for Maryland vehicle laws. In Australia, you cannot ride your e skateboard on any road with a median strip or dividing line or one with a speed limit exceeding 50 mph. Its best to check with your locale and follow proper safety laws. Whilst I endeavour to ensure that the information on this site is correct, I do not accept any liability for error or omission. This includes roads, bike lanes, and sidewalks (where applicable). A rider of at least 16 years of age must be riding the board. But take care- its entirely illegal to ride e skateboards in Florida. Interestingly, some say that the Florida authorities dont enforce the law whenever they spot anyone using the e skateboard- instead, they seem to consider e skateboards as safe to use. In the darkness, equip your board with a front white headlight, yellow reflectors on the side, and equip riders with a red reflector on the rear. Note that this code applies only to Segways. Section 2068 Electric personal assistive mobility devices; regulations, 2011 Florida Statutes: Electric scooters and bicycles and other unregistered vehicles, New York State: HB19-1221 Regulation of electric scooters, Colorado: Chapter 311 Skateboards and scooters, City of Springfield, MA. Your email address will not be published. For the residents of Illinois or those visiting the state, youll want to know what the law says on the matter. If states can figure out the best rules that fit their constituents, they can take advantage. The new Indiana electric scooter law will specify that an electric scooter is not to be considered a "motor vehicle" as that term is defined in IC 9-21 and IC 9-32. For example, Dallas legalized e-scooters to a certain extent. Germany, Denmark, and Belgium allow the use of e skateboards- you only have to adhere to the speed limits. As a result, you can operate freely without too much worry of hurting anyone! There are unclear laws when it comes to Connecticuts statutes on electric scooters and skateboards. And these boards have the same limitations as bicycles and undergo the same treatment. With electric skateboards being a headache for many local departments, there is a new emerging device, which is known as onewheel electric skateboard. So, when riding an electric skateboard, ensure you have a valid form of identification on you. In this blog, we'll bring your informative content about means of urban mobility! The closest laws for such vehicles come from Chicago's Ordinance 9-80-200. Motorized Skateboard Laws in California. It states that e-scooters can operate on sidewalks, bike lanes, and highways. Speed limits are a common feature for all road-worthy vehicles and electric skateboards are no exception. Instead, Japanese law forbids roller skating in crowded areas. Legal Disclaimer: I am not a professional lawyer, and this article is not to be good as legal advice. If the device is on a highway, they will receive treatment as motorcycles. There are no clear lines where electric skateboards go in New Yorks legislature. (All Tesla Cars Compared), Delawares Title 21 Ch. Electric scooters in Louisiana have laws defined by SB91 Act 258. If you're really nice the law librarian may help you (but cannot give you legal advice). With new technology also comes newer regulations that ensure everyone is safe. It is not legal to skateboard on public roadways in Honolulu. The main highlights of the law include: The minimum age requirement for an electric skateboard rider is 16 years. 41 Sc 12 Provision 4198N, Electric scooters and skateboards in Idaho, electric personal assistive mobility devices, specific rules about electric skateboards, A self-balancing vehicle with two non-tandem wheels, Has a top speed less than 15 mph (24 km/h), A valid drivers license or instruction permit, A fastened helmet for anyone under 18 years old, Travel by carrying a cargo that hampers the riders ability to hold the handlebars, On the highway with chopper-style handlebars above the shoulder line, On roads with posted speeds higher than 25 mph (40 km/h) unless in, The rider should be 16 years old or above, Not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, Riding on roads with a speed limit under 35 mph (56 km/h), The board should have an average power of 1000 watts or less, Prohibited to ride in public property more than 15 mph (24 km/h), At night, the rider or the board must have a white front headlight, yellow side reflectors, and red reflectors on the rear, A seat height not less than 26 inches (66 cm), Special events with prearranged schedules under permit from the government, With a motor with a maximum output of 750 W, Uses handlebars and floorboards that the rider stands on, Powered by an electric motor no faster than 20 mph (32 km/h), Are not motor-driven cycles, motor vehicle, or motorcycle, One headlamp and rear lamp during nighttime use, Floorboard designed no more than 60 x 18 inches (76.2 x 45.7 cm), An electric propulsion system no more than 2500 watts, Maximum speed no more than 25 mph (40 km/h), At least two wheels in contact to the ground, Either handlebars and deck design for one person to stand on or handlebars with a seat, Anyone below 14 years old should have immediate supervision of a person at least 18 years old, Usability in highways with speeds below 25 mph (40 km/h), Use in crosswalks for the sake of crossing.

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